Saturday, March 21, 2009

A taste of my childhood... vocally.

I know I just posted a 'video' of sorts, but well, this one is about the PHILIPPINES! Unless you grew up there and learned the language this won't mean anything to you, but feel free to listen to the language and maybe you'll understand why I get so frustrated when I can't retain Tagalog and German together! The languages are night and day. They're singing about different locations (Palawan & Baguio--two places I lived a significant part of my childhood) and describing the Filipino people and inviting you to come and see. I told Danny that I can't actually translate all of it (I'm VERY rusty to almost having lost it completely- to say the least), but I understood most of it, to my surprise :)

We really hope to make a trip back there one day. Danny went with me the summer of '98 for a couple of weeks. I always knew that whoever I married had to see where I grew up... it's a must to understand some of my 'quirks' as Danny says ;) I want Nate & Micah to see the Philippines. One day.... 

Biyahe Tayo =Let's journey (at least that's what my memory is telling me it means)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Krista,

I just listened to your Philippine Song and, my, made me so homesick! Did you recognize most of the "stars"? (Sharon Cuneta, Oggie, etc?) Isn't it amazing to have had "another life" that you truly loved and is still such a part of you that no one really can ever understand except another MK? Love you guys and just are so happy of how God is using you !
Love, Cindy Lyons