Monday, April 27, 2009

Soccer or Fußball as it's called here

Nathan has started playing a sport!  A couple of his buddies from Kindergarten play and when we asked him if that was something he'd like to do as well, he jumped on it!  He has practice on Monday and Wednesday evenings, then games on Saturday mornings.  I'd like to say he's in the middle of it all and just running with everyone, but well, we fit into the category of parents who have hilarious stories to tell about their kids that are in their own "world".  haha!  As it goes for everything in life, Nate is learning to 'listen'.  Listening to instructions is a daily lesson for him :)  I think this will be very good for him.  

Our handsome, almost 5 yr. old is full of life.  During practices and during the 3 games he had this past Saturday--Nathan has been caught with arms out and pretending to fly thru the air, a couple of times he 'high-fived' the other team when they scored (I have to admit that made me smile that he was happy for them... instead of being all upset and throwing a fit), he's been seen watching the other teams play (while his game is in progress), and asking me (also while his game is in progress), "What is Micah playing with?  Can I have one too?"  LOL!  Ahhh, I love it!

Danny has been asked to help out because our team is actually 2 teams.  I guess there weren't any other parents that were available, so Danny said he'd help out.  He did tell the Coach that he doesn't know that much about soccer, but the Coach said that was fine.  So Saturday arrives and Danny got stuck coaching Nate's entire team--all 3 games.  Neither of our 2 teams won, but the Coach told all the kids that it didn't matter... we are here to learn how to play and have lots of fun!  He congratulated all the kids for all their hard work and that he was looking forward to seeing them at practice.  He's a nice older guy... though a bit spastic at times :)  

After the games, one of the moms bought the boys some ice cream snacks.  We then spent the afternoon with these 2 other families at one of their homes.  We were there about 8 hrs.  What fun we had connecting with them!  It helps that our kids all get along and are buddies from Kindergarten as well.  One of the most relaxing and fun afternoons we'd had in a long time.  


*The first 3 photos are from practice.  The rest of them are from this past Saturdays games.

He did a lot of 'poses'.  It was so cute!
Can you see Micah?  He was getting tired by the end of the 2nd game.  He's having a snack here and trying to be happy ;)

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F. Deaton said...

Those are great pics! He is growing up so fast. I can remember you and Melanie being pregnant with Nate and Ella. The country sure is beautiful there!