Thursday, April 30, 2009

the last day of April

So I've been busy around here!  We've touched base with some families and are ever praying for them to see Christ in us.  Several families were out of town this past weekend and so our services were very low in attendance.... actually, our lowest since we began in November of last year.  Keep praying that we would be able to develop a 'core' group.  It's hard to develop any set plans when our group changes every time.  We're just here living life day to day and making sure we give honor to God in the big and little things of life.

In terms of home life... Danny always has some kind of office work to do.   But he's also been working on our yard.  We have a rather large flower bed and it's in need of a lot of work since Spring has arrived with weeds popping up everywhere.  I don't do much of the gardening (though I thoroughly enjoy mowing--really, I do!) because well, poor plants don't have much of a chance with me for whatever reason?!?  So I cheer him on and bring cold drinks to all 3 of my  guys :)  I don't mind being outside... especially with the beautiful weather we've been having, but I'm not very good at keeping plants alive.  haha.  We have 4 grape vines and Danny's building something to help them grow up around our patio.

Austrians enjoy visiting around a table and a lot of good, important conversations happen over coffee or a meal.  We have a beautiful house and have decided to focus a bit more on being able to host more than a family or two at a time.  So we're working and saving up to do a few things this summer.  

Tomorrow is a holiday and usually things are closed around here so I'm off to make a small grocery run.  Nathan will be home from Kindergarten and since it's been raining I need to prepare to have stuff to eat/do around the house for them tomorrow :)  


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