Thursday, April 30, 2009

Are you ready for some Football?!?

I'm so proud of Danny.  If you know him, he's not the most out-going guy (those of you who know us as a couple are rolling laughing because you know we are so opposite).  So last summer/fall (I can't completely remember when it was...) when he found that our city, Graz had an American football team he said he would be interested in seeing what it was all about.  It all kind of happened pretty fast, actually.  The deadline for tryouts was actually already over, so he emailed the person on the website just to get info and well, the rest is history.  We had no idea what all it would entail, but God has been good.  Danny goes to almost all the practices.  They have 2 during the week and 1 on Sundays.  Most games are on Saturdays so that doesn't affect our church services. Playing on the team has helped his German a lot, especially "dialect".  He's made some good friends and it's given him an outlet from the 'everyday' stuff.  It's a way for him to also do ministry.  He's been asked to pray for/during games and has given 'spiritual' pep talks too.  Some guys on the team have asked him for advice, talked religion with him, and shared some of their life stories with him.  These are things that wouldn't have happened unless he took a step out of his comfort zone.  

**Insert question:  Are you stuck in your comfort zone?  Is there something you need to try that might stretch you?  Stretch your faith?  Stretch your social circle?  I know there are times that I feel like I've been stretched as far as I can be... then something crosses my path and I just think... "Lord, I don't want to miss an opportunity.  If this is in line with Your will... give me the time, strength, patience, words--in GERMAN to try this."  He won't let you down.

Nathan and Micah really like going to the games.  Shortly after his first "friendly/exhibition" game last Fall the boys were watching a sports channel at home that had some highlights of the NFL from the States and they thought it was their Daddy.  It was soooooo precious and hilarious at the same time :)  We've had fun at the games because we've always invited friends and the boys, Nate especially has enjoyed pointing out his Dad to his friends. 

Danny has a game tomorrow (Fri.) night in Vienna.  The boys & I have opted not to drive the 2 hrs. because we'd be on our own and I'm not familiar enough with Vienna to drive just me & the kiddos at night.  Danny will go early with the team so we thought it safer to stay home.  After this he'll only have home games so we're excited for those.

Though this is fun for Danny.  Please do keep him in prayer.  This is a hobby and an outreach.  Pray that he stays safe and will always be able to keep pointing his team mates to Christ thru his testimony and sportsmanship.

-A proud wife-

p.s- for those of you (probably only my female readers) that are wondering--No, I have no clue as to why they wear all white uniforms.  A couple of weeks ago, the wife from the family we invited to watch the game with us just kept mumbling to herself "why would they pick all white?"

They scored a touchdown on he first drive!  **Added later**  I forgot to mention they've won their first 2 games.  The pictures below are from the 2nd game and they won!  49-0!  It was said that the other team was better and the Bears probably won't win much, if any of their games since they're a newly developed team this year.
There he is- #73.  He plays O-line, right tackle.

The picture below is a proud Nathan.  He is looking at the teams program and loved seeing Danny's picture in it.  He was pointing him out to all the people in the stands around us.
A tradition for most sports teams here to come and thank the crowd- win or lose.
He's so handsome!
The Styrian Bears

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