Wednesday, May 06, 2009

No more Training Wheels!

One afternoon after Nathan got home from Kindergarten, he wanted to ride his bike.  Danny got it out, took his tools and removed the training wheels.  We told Nate he was ready to learn to ride like a big boy.  He was a bit nervous and really struggled to keep his balance.  But Danny is so patient and we practiced going up and down and up and down our little street.  After a few minutes Nate said, "Ok, let's put them back on."  Danny said that they weren't going back on to the bike.  There was some discouragement on Nate's part.... but we kept telling him how good he was doing.  We practiced for about 25 min. then as you can see the clouds were rolling in and lunch was waiting, so they had 'quiet time' and played inside. 

The next afternoon right after Kindergarten again, Danny told Nate to get his bike.  He really didn't want to but this time we let him ride about 20-30 feet from Daddy to Mommy.  He had a goal instead of the long road in front of him.  He kept blaming his bike for his lack of balance and falling.  So we told him that HE was the boss of his bike and that HE should tell it where to go.  The bike wasn't the boss... he was!  haha.  He can't take off or stop very well on his own so we'd let him get going and the other parent would 'catch' him.  He started handling that well and we'd step further back... he did a lot of crashing, but never really got hurt.  He learned to fall first :)  Danny taught him the first day how to catch himself and how to put his leg out and so on....  Once Nate said to Danny, "I think my bike is trying to break my bones."  HA HA!  Anyway, after about 30 min. I had to rescue Micah with a band-aid (he tripped and scraped his knee).  When I came back outside I saw Nathan--riding his bike-- ALONE!  He did it!   He stopped in front of me and said, "I did it.  I'm not hurt!  I'm the boss of the bike!"  Awww!

Another milestone has come and I'm constantly being reminded of how fast time is going by with my boys.  Nathan will be 5 yrs. old 2 weeks from today!  Oh, my Baby is growing up.


Micah bringing Nate his helmet:


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F. Deaton said...

SO cute! Parker saw the pics of Nate and he goes, "bike ride! It's a hat!" Great pics!