Thursday, May 07, 2009

Big Store Shopping

A few weeks ago we were having lunch at the Bischof's home (we met our 2nd month in Austria, nearly 5 years ago) after church and she asked if I had been to a store called Metro.  I told her I had only been once with another friend whose husband had a card there thru his work.  But that had been a year or so ago.  You see, it's a store like Costco or Sam's. You have to be part of a corporation, group, or something like that.  Our church plant isn't at that point yet.  Anyway, she knew we had purchased a deep freeze a couple of months ago because the boys are growing and eating more (my freezer that is part of the fridge is 2 1/2 drawers).  My schedule lately just doesn't leave room for me to run to the store every other day.  So she gets an envelope out of a desk and pulls off a card attached.  She said she rarely goes and gave me her card to use!  We've had it for about a month and a half and what a blessing it has been!  My freezer is full and I've saved a lot of money with the bulk items that I did purchase.  They have a few things that are "imports" that Danny & I have also enjoyed  :)  

I know it's kinda funny to write about this, but it was such a small gesture and she knew I liked shopping and I had told her of the 'big stores' we have in the States.  haha.  She figured I'd feel right at home.  We really enjoy watching God grow our friendships with people.  When we first met this family we couldn't communicate.  But thru our learning of German and their learning of English-- our lunches, play dates, hikes, Bible studies are so much more enjoyable!  I just wanted to share how someone was used to bless me this past month :)


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