Saturday, August 08, 2009

So it looks pretty obvious that I don't like blogging on Danny's old computer. But we have received word that our "new to us" computer is on the way and should be here soon. When that happens, you'll have a proper update from me :) Speaking of this "new to us" computer. We ordered it from a friend who works at a school that was selling their used laptops (Macs, of course!). I have been patiently, well, kinda... not really, but waiting nonetheless for news that it had been delivered and shipped, but knowing how busy our friend is with life and his job I didn't want to bother. So when Danny's mom said it had been mailed we were very happy. We mentioned that we'd have the check to him asap, but she said that someone had paid for it already! What a surprise and blessing!

So, whoever the giver was--if you are a reader of this blog--THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! We are so thankful and appreciative. There are already people at Central (our home church) waiting for us to receive it too ;) Danny can't do any church website updates, designs, etc without the newer version that is on this laptop (it was also on my former laptop) and he has some work ready to be done.

Be on the look-out for updates, hopefully very soon!!!


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