Thursday, September 03, 2009

Coming Soon to a computer screen near you!!!

There are soooo many things I need to write about that I honestly feel a bit overwhelmed. Some would say to just pick up with life right now. Well that sounds great, but I guess what little obsessive-ness I have... just won't let me 'ignore' the last couple of months and all the stuff that has gone on with us! haha. In my defense this blog has served as a family book too. A 'blog' book that I'm having made for our family. We've been writing a blog since moving to Austria (well, a few months into it, but still a representation of our last 5 yrs. of marriage, becoming parents, and moving to a new home here). I'm not a diary/journal keeper so this blog has been fun for us and a great way to keep family, friends, and many of our supporters in touch with life over here. But another reason is that we're waiting for our hard drive to be put into this new laptop so that I can use my iphoto application. We don't want to upload all the pics on this computer when we're going to remove this hard drive anyway. I know.... another sign of being obsessive ;)

So here are a few things I'm going to be writing about:

Nate's 5th Birthday (if you recall my laptop died the NIGHT before his birthday)
Summer Fun at home and with friends
Learning how important February 2010 will be :)
Vacation (camping, Italy, and just us get away)
Snow falling for an entire 24 hr. period on July 17th (intrigued??)
Our 10th wedding anniversary
Summer Bible studies
Gardening progress and...
Starting back to school.

So, if you have not completely boycotted our blog because I've been a horrible updater-person this summer.... then you are in for some great posts! If I do say so myself :)



Amanda said...

LOL, I have been patiently waiting on your posts!!! I cant wait to here all about everything. I check everyday and I have to say that I have not posted anything to my blog in forever but being in the US does not give us such exciting posts and life is just sooooo busy! Love ya and praying for you and your babies health!

F. Deaton said...

I've been waiting! I will definitely keep my eye out for your new posts! Can't wait!!!

Tinsley Troop said...

Not sure how I missed this update, but man alive you guys have been busy, can't wait to hear the details!!!!! Love you!