Saturday, October 10, 2009


On the 4th of July weekend the Styrian Bears finished their first year as an official team. They played in the lower level championship game and won!! They had t-shirts made that said "First Year. First Bowl. First Title." It's been a wonderful experience for Danny and fun too.

Nathan & Micah have really enjoyed watching their Daddy play Football. Micah has taken to it so much that he wakes up with football in arm (bec. it slept with him) and wanting to play in the living room, or watch a game on tv INSTEAD of cartoons! No joke.

Opening ceremonies. Austrian Flag. Styrian Bears in white/blue.
Sometimes players get hurt, but thankfully it's never been overly serious. Danny has injured his shoulder a few times, but nothing some rest and shoulder exercises can't fix. His sister, Bekah is a Physical Therapist so a phone call here and there and he's good to go :)
There's Danny, #73.. arms in the air and excited that they won!
Danny receiving his medal with Nathan (Micah is there somewhere too).
This is he best shot I could get :) Both boys wanted to 'have' the trophy.... had to explain it's the TEAM'S.... not Daddy's. haha.

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