Saturday, October 17, 2009

Camping Day 1

We were supposed to go in June, but a major rain storm canceled our trip. So we rescheduled for a weekend in July. We went with 2 other families that we've become friends with thru Nathan's Kindergarten. Both families have 2 boys each within the same age groups of Nathan & Micah. It's a really good fit when we hang out with these families.

On our way to the mountain where the cabin was located we had to stop off at the home of an Aunt to one of the families to get the key (which was a HUGE iron key the size of my fist!). The Uncle said a calf was born just 5 hrs. earlier. The boys were excited to see it.

Here is our cabin that housed 12 people. 6 adults and 6 kids ages 5 and under. No bathroom unless you count the outhouse to the left of the picture. A wood burning stove. A hole under the floor boards as our 'fridge'. A sink the size of a Football helmet that we had to hook an outside hose to. Notice I'm not mentioning anything about a shower. Also, you will pick up on the idea that I do not like camping and this weekend--though I was thankful for the chance to get better acquainted with these families, not to mention see my guys loving it all--was no change in my opinion. I am not a roughing it type of person. Yes, I grew up in a 3rd world country and have some stories I could tell that would make this weekend seem glorious, but it's been a good 12 yrs. since I've lived in the Philippines and let's say I've adapted to life in it's current form ;)
But these boys loved it all.... and I'm glad.
Nathan has a very good reason for keeping an eye on that piece of meat-- I mean, cow. He was nearly trampled over by some very territorial cows shortly after arriving on this mountain. He was on his way down a little hill with the other kids and I noticed a cow behind him with it's head bent down a bit and breaking into a RUN toward my son! Danny couldn't get to him in time so he chunked a decent sized stick at the cow and it stopped just in time. If I had my way we would've split that cow between the 3 families and had a nice full freezer this fall/winter. The cows were so obnoxious as it was the whole weekend. This is their summer grazing place and were not shy about just coming up to you and relieving themselves as we ate by our campfire. Danny the country boy was not bothered by anything of course and yes, if you were wondering I am a city girl :)
We taught our friends about S'mores the first night. Then it got cold and rained so we called it a night in the small cabin.

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