Thursday, October 29, 2009

Camping Day 2

Day 2 of our camping trip was interesting to say the least. It was actually the highlight for me (because I like cold weather and am not a huge outdoorsy (is that a real word??) person. haha. It started raining the night before and we woke up to rain. So inside we stayed. After breakfast (Danny made an awesome breakfast of sausage, biscuits, and gravy from scratch. He pre-made most of it before we left home and then just cooked it that morning) the adults sat around talking and drinking coffee. The kids played in the "loft" and tried to entertain themselves with the few board games we brought (we didn't bring lots of indoor stuff because we weren't planning on being in doors) and that lasted for a little while.

While sitting around the table I was staring out the window and thought the rain was looking weird... seemed 'thick'. Another hour or so later we were all looking outside and you wouldn't believe it! It was SNOWING! July 18, 2009 it was snowing. It continued the rest of the day. It was fun sitting there by the wood burning oven and playing dominoes and Catan with our friends. The boys did get restless and were climbing the walls thru-out the day. But we kept snacks going for them, read books, played games, and doing whatever we could to keep everyone happy. So on day 2 of this camping trip we all stayed inside a tiny little cabin with the exception of visits to the outhouse.

Here's our outhouse and "cooler". You can see a bit of the rain turning to slush.

It's looking like white rain :)

Taking a breather from being stuck in the cabin... but we didn't pack really warm clothing.

The big boys in the loft ready for bed. Nathan had so much fun doing this. He attended Kindergarten last year with these 3 boys. His really close friend is Fabian the one on the far left. He's such a good kid.
Here we are playing Catan by candle light because after being in the cabin all day the very small solar panel went out. The couple of light bulbs we had ate up all the energy. It was an experience getting ready for bed in the dark... funny too, no one really packed flashlights, candles, etc. Our family just wasn't prepared because we did not know what to expect. There were some dishes and a lantern. My cell phone however puts out a lot of light come to find out ;) You can tell in this pic though that we're all tired from just sitting for the day. But didn't want to go to bed so early that we would wake up before the sun. haha.
So day 2 ends....

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