Thursday, October 29, 2009

Final day

So I thought we would get up and go home... but everyone wanted to go for a hike. As I look back I didn't have the best attitude about the whole thing. Partly because this was during the midst of my sick stage of pregnancy.... foods bother me, smells bother me, movement bothered me, etc. The other reason is... I'm just not a "take a hike to no specific place for no specific reason" kind of person. But again... my guys (all 3 of them) had a great time and that is really important!

To prove that I was there here is a picture of the 3 moms getting our hiking boots on... ignore the rag on my head... but it's day 3 and I've not showered since I left our house. I have oily hair and am disgusted with myself at this point in the trip.

We stopped at a cabin that an older lady lives in and she sells homemade bread to hikers. Yes, I'm shocked that there is a nice car up there... I was really confused as to how it got there considering the road is either gravel or cut out of the mountain.

Visiting with more cows...

I think they had fun... look at those smiles :)

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