Friday, October 09, 2009

Erdbeerland (Strawberry Land)

Nathan's Kindergarten went to a strawberry field in mid-June. I volunteered as a helper and what fun we had! Nathan just happens to love strawberries. The kids could pick as many as they could then the teachers were going to pay for them and take them back to the school. Over the next couple of days the kids were going to make their own Strawberry jam. They do such cool things in his Kindergarten.

As my group walked along the other little boys would dump their strawberries into the big bucket I was carrying and go back to filling their little trays. After awhile I realized Nathan hadn't come to empty his... so I hollered up at him and he said no he still had room. Well, I've been watching him and so I know he's picking strawberries... he even holds up the big ones to show us. When I catch up to him I see he's right... there is room in his tray. I ask him why there's room when he's working just as hard as the other boys. He says, "Well, I'm hungry and I'm eating them too." haha! The kids were allowed to eat a few, but I think Nate took care of his and a few others kids "allowance" :) LOL! I told you he loved strawberries.

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