Thursday, October 08, 2009

February 2010

Sometime near the end of June we found out how important February 2010 will be because we are expecting a BABY! We are so excited for this gift from God. Our hearts are still a little heavy from losing our 2nd baby back in December, but we know that none of this is in our control. So being the kind of person that I am (can't hardly contain excitement), we told our families after keeping it to ourselves for about a week and a half :) That's the longest Danny's been able to keep me silent on an issue... I think (wink). We are so blessed to have families that love and support us.

I've changed my Doctor for this pregnancy. There was nothing wrong with the Dr. that delivered Micah per se, but back in December when I had to have surgery for my miscarriage we were directed by a good friend (who is a Anesthesiologist) to a friend of his that specialized in more than just normal OB/GYN stuff. We were very impressed with him and because of my history of miscarriages we thought it best to visit him and talk again. My Dr. from Micah's birth was nice, but she didn't give much info at visits and didn't have any specialties really.

My due date is February 26, 2010. But we all know that really doesn't mean anything it's just a date to give us an idea of when to expect the baby :) Nathan was born 2 full weeks before my due date and Micah was born 2 days before his due date.

Since this isn't being written with only the news we had at my July appointment, I'll continue to fill in.... my August appt. went well. Everything is developing on schedule and so far so good!!! Yeah!

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