Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Time with friends...

This summer we spent lots of time with many of our different friends whom we've met over the last 5 years. In these photos we were visiting with a great family. We met them on our 2nd weekend here I believe... wow, time has flown! Our kids have all done some growing up. God is so good to bring people into our paths.

On this particular visit we took walks, got some ice cream, played H-O-R-S-E, talked, ate, and just had a good time like we have since the first time we met. PIPS are special friends and we are so thankful for them. They're boys are some of the best mannered kids/young men I've ever been around. They are also so good with kids. Our boys adore them and I usually have to have a talk with Nate & Micah about not getting to "in their" face as I know P & S are growing up and losing some of the 'kiddie' side of things. But you wouldn't know if they were tired of my boys... such good boys. That says something about their parents too. Well done.

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