Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ahhh, Saturday!

I'm sitting at our dining table writing a blog with a cup of hot cocoa, coffee cake, and complete silence. Danny took the boys down to his office to watch a video that he needs for his lesson tomorrow in church with the older kids. What a guy!

We were supposed to go to hockey training this morning, but Nathan has a bit of a cough and stomach trouble so he said he'd like to stay close to home. I like watching him ice skate and chatting with the other families, but a break to be home and prepare for Sunday would be nice too.

I'll break in the 'catch-up' part of the blog and just tell how we're all doing. A little over a month ago Nathan was sick (but you never know with him because he doesn't stop and it wasn't really bad to begin with). Well, by the time we even knew he was sick, he gave it to Micah and me. Now we really caught it and were so very ill. I didn't really have any state-side OC meds left that were safe for pregnancy so I thought I'd just tough it out. Boy-o-boy did I learn what toughing it out meant! Micah (we had meds for him) & I both had fevers, aches and nasty, nasty coughs, along with runny noses. I had trouble keeping water down. But that just lasted for a day or two. Our moms already know this so don't go giving me speeches about being a sick pregnant woman and not running to the Dr. ;) haha. I knew it would be rather pointless to go to the Dr. here because they don't medicate easily (for which I'm thankful). Danny finally got a little taste of it a couple of weeks ago, but I do believe we're all on the healthy side of this 'bug'. I still cough and blow my nose, but I'll take that any day after what the last month has done to us.

The hardest part about all of that was we still had church services to plan. Danny does the teaching for the adults and older kids, I teach the little ones and do a craft of some sort and also lead all the music (I bought a guitar over the summer and I'm really, really praying for a good guitar teacher because I do not like singing with cd's). I also bring coffee and some yummy baked goodies. We build and tear down each and every time (which I know many new churches do, but I guess our boys aren't quite to the helpful stage yet-haha). The breaking-down part is easy because the people who attend are so wonderful to help out. The older kids keep the little ones busy and I get to chat with the ladies while the men help Danny :) We have some awesome families that attend! The unity that is constantly growing amongst everyone is so cool. Nathan wishes all his friends from Kindergarten would come... I tell him to invite them and see what happens.

Micah just finished his 2nd full week of Kindergarten (it's really pre-school). How did he do you ask? Well, the only day he did NOT cry and scream when dropped off was Friday of that first week. The 2nd week the only day he DID cry was Monday. YEAH! It's really only those first few minutes. He usually gets up just fine, gets dressed, eats breakfast, etc. (because he did all of this when we were only taking Nate, so the only change is he stays at school instead of riding back home). But when you pull up to the school.... " I don't want to go. I want to stay with you and help you at home.... (sniffles begin) I'm gonna miss yoooouuuuu!" Then he will NOT get out of the car. Danny, thankfully, has done most of the morning runs. I'm pretty tough about not caving in to the boys about stuff I know is ultimately good for them, but Micah just has these adorable, soul searching eyes that melt my heart. He also gets up close to you in a cuddly sort-of-way and just looks at you and puts his hand on your arm or face. Awww.....! But week 3 will begin on Monday and I'm confident we're past the emotional break downs... we may still have a day here and there, but I think he's fine now. I would be concern if their teacher said that he carries on all morning and when we pick him up he's still showing signs of tears. But that very first day at pick-up time his response to us (after a big smile and hug) was, "what are you doing here?" On days it doesn't rain we pick him up from the playground and I find him by the sound of his laughter. He's made some friends and already picked up some German phrases. Yeah... I'm thinkin' Micah is gonna be just fine. Nathan is sure proud to have a brother with him and in his class (their classes are kids ages 3-6 yrs. old). Their teacher said Nathan is sooo sweet with him and makes sure Micah knows what's going on, etc.

Thank you, Lord for such awesome kids. They amaze me!

ps-- wasn't really sure where to stick this in, but one morning Micah was particularly not wanting to go to Kindergarten. While I was in the bathroom brushing Nate's hair, Danny went to get Micah's jacket and shoes on. Well, the next thing I hear coming from the boys room is, "Micah! Put your clothes back on... you have to go to school today and you can not go naked." Oh the laughs that boy brings us. I can just imagine what was going thru his head. "They're not listening to me... I don't want to go... they can't make me go if I'm not dressed.... I'll take all my clothes off and then we'll be too late to go." LOL!

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