Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Micah!

Is it really his 3rd birthday?!? October 12, 2006 is the day we welcomed Micah Daniel into our family. It was 2 days before my Mom and Papa's birthday and due date, but the Dr. said he needed to come on the 12th. My water was getting low and the Dr. wasn't comfortable waiting 2 more days. We had a rough couple of months in the beginning finding out what Micah needed, he was just a cranky little guy ;) But oh what a funny guy he is too! Micah is our shy, likes to be near family, open with his emotions (the good, the bad, and the ugly), lover of cars and superheroes, wrestling enthusiast, Nate's shadow, a curious, always asking 'WHY?", likes to eat--anything, a cuddler, vocal about things he dislikes, nap-lovin', Kindergarten attending, little ball of energy--all BOY!
We are blessed beyond what we deserve to have 2 sons who are the twinkle in our eyes. Thank you, Lord for the privilege to raise these boys. We pray we are always pointing them to You.
Birthday Party with Friends

Family Night Birthday Party, October 12th

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