Thursday, November 05, 2009

Kindergarten time

September 14th was Nathan's first-last day of Kindergarten. Next fall he will be a "Schulkind" (school kid). I wasn't really sentimental or weepy on his very first day of Kindergarten when he was 3 yrs. old. Partly because Nathan has never really been shy or afraid of getting into a social situation. But this year I was a little weepy (not in front of him... just the realization of how grown up he's becoming. Yes, the pregnancy hormones may have something to do with it). When I think back... he was 3 and didn't know German well enough to have a conversation and knew NO ONE in his class. What a trooper! Danny & I are so proud of him.

This year he is very excited about showing Micah around. We thought about holding back on putting Micah in at 3 yrs. because as most of you know every child is different and that is definitely true in our family. Micah is friendly, but shy and a mommy/daddy's boy if anyone is around that he doesn't know... sometimes even people he's met. We knew taking him and leaving him would be different (Nathan walks in and usually forgets to say 'bye' to us). But those characteristics also made us think that it would be good for him to go while he has a brother there to help him. So Micah turned 3 on the 12th of October and will (did) begin Nov. 2nd. I'll write more on Micah's first 'real' day soon.

ps-I'm almost done with the 'catching up' of this blog ;)

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