Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fall days with Friends

Here are just some sweet pics of Nate & Micah with their good friends, Emily & Nina. I first met Karen shortly after we arrived in Austria, 5 yrs. ago. We hit it off and have been great friends ever since. Nathan was a baby at the time and as the year went on Karen found out she was going to have her first baby. About 2 weeks before Nathan's 1st birthday, Emily was born. Nina is just 5 months younger than Micah and Karen's 3rd daughter, Mia was born in May of this year. Karen and her hubby, Hannes are wonderful people and we're so happy God placed them in our lives.

Nathan attempting to teach Emily baseball. It was funny!
Micah and Nina
Karen teaching the kiddos Hopscotch.
Nathan's turn.
Street art with chalk.
They're just too cute!

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