Monday, November 09, 2009

Ice Skating/Hockey training

I'm so glad Nathan has been able to try new things. He played his first sport this past Spring, Soccer (fußball/football to most of the world). This Fall he is trying Hockey... though it's more like learning to ice skate with the hockey attire on your body (he's thankful for the padding!). He seems to really enjoy this more. Danny & I love watching him improve every Saturday. He had never been on the ice before and the first week he did better than I would've after a month of attempts! Nathan is having fun doing this partly because his good friend, Fabian is also learning with him. Fabian used to attend the same Kindergarten then his family moved to a nice house this summer, but out of our district. But thankfully we still see each other often. They have become very good friends and we have spent a lot of time together because our boys (they have 2 boys in the same age brackets as our boys) get along so well. Their family has even visited our church services. Nathan & Micah really like it when Fabian & Felix are anywhere we go :)

Getting suited up.
Ready to hit the ice!
The first timers get to use a cone to help them stay on their feet.
..not standing.
Not just standing, but SKATING!!
Handsome guy!
The 4 boys... such cute kids!

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