Monday, November 09, 2009


Subway arrived in our city the end or so of April if I remember correctly. It. was. so. delicious. Here are the highlights:

Subways breads (they have great breads here, but not the soft American style that I have at times missed when eating sandwiches)

Ranch dressing. (I have dry packets for home.... but nice to have it ready made for my sandwich!)

Doritos. ( IF and when you find them at the Trendy Candy store here-- they are VERY over priced and from a tiny store)

Free refills. (not common here at. all.)

Chocolate chip cookies that tasted like they were from the US. (homemade are best of course... but nice to have fresh, warm, melt in our mouth cookies that I didn't have to make!)

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Boucher said...

I think I will go to subway tomorrow, Thanks to you for all the details lol