Sunday, November 01, 2009


Friends went on vacation for a few weeks in August and asked us to rabbit-sit. The boys were very excited, though Nate was over it pretty fast. Micah took to the rabbit more. The first morning they saw him, Danny was cleaning out his 'house' and let the boys take turns holding the rabbit. Nathan asked what his name was and we actually weren't sure. So I said, "Mr. Rabbit." Nathan didn't care for that since he knew that wasn't his real name. So I texted the family on my phone and got the name. I told Nathan and he ran outside to the rabbit and said, "Hi Elias!!! My name is Nathan." I got a good laugh out of the introductions that were on hold till he knew the correct name.

The absolute funniest thing about this whole rabbit-sitting story is the first morning that Micah met him. Danny is petting the scared rabbit that is shedding like crazy and talking to Nate about this and that... when Micah--as serious as can be asked-- "Daddy, do we have batteries?" Danny of course is confused as to how that pertains to caring for the rabbit. He asks Micah and the answer he gives had us laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes! Micah replies, "We need to put batteries in the rabbit so he can talk to me."

I kid you not.

Many times over the weeks we found Micah outside just talking to Elias the rabbit. Most mornings before breakfast he was outside asking the rabbit how he slept and was he doing ok, etc. Very sweet.

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Tinsley Troop said...

I am still laughing about the batteries! Very cute!