Saturday, November 21, 2009

You had to be there...

Picture this:

I've taken the boys to get haircuts. Nathan is getting in the chair and since the place isn't busy Micah wanders around. I'm talking to the lady about what I want with Nate's hair and notice Micah standing frozen, staring at a girl that's washing something in the sink. He has a look of confusion, maybe even... horror. I walk over to him and the girl is washing a mannequin's head (she's obviously in training and had colored the hair). Then it hits me! All my 3 yr. old son sees is a head with hair and no body attached! He doesn't break eye contact with it, but says to me in a low whisper... "Mommy, what she doin'?" So after some explanation he watches her finish rinsing, dry, and stick the head on a stand and begin to comb thru the hair. If you're not laughing, then I guess you had to be there :) Danny & I had sure had a good laugh.

Next mental picture:

It's bedtime. We're tucking the boys in and having those last minute conversations ;) We have a stuffed Chick-Fil-A cow that wears the famous sign "Eat mor chikin". Well, Nate asked what the writing said and Danny read it. Thus, began the conversation about what that meant and why it was funny. The look on Nathan's face was priceless when Danny said, "Hamburger is made out of cow." He then began to ask what other things were made from animals.

He said, "What's made out of chicken?"
Danny answered, "Chicken nuggets. So are the chicken wings we had the other night." (Nate's eyes are getting bigger with every revelation).
Nathan asks, "What kind of animal is bread made out of?"

Ohhhh, boy do we have fun with these 2 guys!


Christy Younger said...

That is priceless, so glad you're writin' this stuff down! P.S. Your baby girl's getting so big! Yay! That is such a cool function on your blog how we get to watch her grow.

The Caldwells said...

thanks WIS ;) I found a site that I can turn my blog into a book so I want to print one out every year as a keep sake for our little fam.

your kids are such cuties too!! i love reading your blog!