Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgivingl

This year Danny & I out did ourselves, yet again. Both of us cook about 50-50 as it is and we both have things we make better than the other so Thanksgiving dinner was no different. We were supposed to have friends over for the big dinner, but they had to cancel so it was just the 4 of us. Actually, it was very nice and fun with the boys.

I did learn that, though no one else was bustling around the stores here like they would be in the US, it's still a bit hectic when you can't find an ingredient that is normally on the shelf. I had one can of cream of mushroom soup and that's all I needed, but I like to have a "just in case" one. Also, we make just about everything else you can imagine from scratch that I didn't want to mess with soup when I knew I could find it at the store... but nope... not Wedneday night. haha. Go figure.

Yesterday I also had a Dr. appt. and Baby Girl is doing great and growing! She'll be here before we know it!

It was sad not having football playing in the background all day, but Danny & I commented that the food is cooked, eaten, put away, kitchen is clean, boys have been bathed and now all that is left is chatting with family and then we can sit back... eat slices of our favorite pies that we baked for each other and enjoy the game!!!

Hope your day is going well... its not quite Noon for the CST people. If you aren't with family, know that we understand. If you are blessed to be around family... savor it for us. We are thankful for our little family and our extended family that loves and supports us all the way!


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