Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fun in the snow

We had a rainy Christmas, not a snowy one :( We cannot believe the reports we got from our families in Texas! They had a somewhat white Christmas and we didn't! Happy for them... sad for us. Here are pics from the weekend before, the rain melted all our snow this past week. It was really nice and powdery, but Nathan was disappointed because it was not good enough/wet enough for building a snowman. But this is just the beginning... so he'll get plenty of chances I'm sure :) Micah likes it for awhile then something happens... like snow on the face (not sure how that happens with a brother and dad playing around him...haha!) and he breaks down. He does NOT like the feel of cold on unprotected skin. So after some consoling we went in for hot chocolate and a Christmas movie. I like those kinds of family weekends.
(click on the collage to see it bigger)

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