Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas

What a week we had leading up to Christmas! We were busy, but as I always say it was the good kind :) The boys had Kindergarten up till the 23rd. We had something most every evening including Christmas Eve. In Austria the big day is actually the evening of the 24th, so we spent it with friends and their family. Someday I'll write out their traditions and explain it all, but I don't have the energy today. Christmas morning the boys were giddy with excitement and were nice enough to wait till 7:30-ish to wake us up ;) They weren't just absorbed with their gifts... they were very eager for Danny & I to open up our gifts that they made for us at school (already wrapped so though we brought them home we didn't know what they were till we opened them). Cookie jars--decorated-- with COOKIES in them! Now that's my kind of gift :)
We read the Christmas story from the Bible and the boys were so good and patient. Though they know it's about the birth of Jesus and the awesomeness of what his birth means... they were excited to open gifts. They ARE 5 & 3 yrs. old :) But they patiently sat as Danny read from the Bible.
Later in the day we were able to talk with Danny's family on the phone and do a video chat with my parents, grandparents, and my brother, Matt and his wife, Sherina. The boys were starting to feel the effects of being up late the night before and waking up early.... so they weren't as well behaved as I would've preferred. haha.
The boys got me Jenga (I love that game!). It turned out to be a great family gift... we played and played that this weekend. Micah isn't as gentle as we'd like and as soon as the blocks fall he yells, "JENGA!" and laughs hysterically. We keep telling him you lose when you knock them over... but he thinks he's the winner. Oh Micah.....

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Steph said...

You've got some adorable little super heroes:)