Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I want to thank the Academy....

... ok, there's not an Academy, but my SIL, Sonya and a friend, Terri have given our blog an award. The Honest Scrap Award (honestly, no clue what that means...haha), but I do know many family and friends that miss us (and the feeling is mutual) enjoy reading about life here in Austria and we enjoy sharing. It's much easier to keep people updated this way than bombarding everyone's inbox with emails.

So it looks like I'm supposed to write 10 honest things about myself. As much as I like to talk and come across outgoing... I've sat here for 15 min. and haven't been able to come up with #1...

(ok... some things are coming to mind)

1. I grew up in a minister's home and so thought I knew all there was to know about being a Christian. It wasn't until my 2nd year of college that I began having doubts about my relationship with Christ. After a month of fighting off the feeling, I finally swallowed my pride and got all the knowledge to go from just being in my head-- to my heart. It's not just knowing 'stuff' anymore... it's a relationship with a God who sent His only Son to die for me. Being a Mommy has deepened my understanding of what exactly God did by giving His ONLY Son to die for a world of people that are not good... that's right... we are NOT good people. I've heard numerous times... "I believe all people are truly good...." Well, actually no, we're not. We were born sinners and need Christ to daily help us. Just come to my house when I have just awakened...

2. I have 2 babies in Heaven that I never met face to face. I just didn't understand why God would waste those pregnancies... then a family friend shared with us last Christmas after losing our 2nd baby that those were not wasted lives. They are doing exactly what God created them for... to praise Him, to bring glory to Him. Wow-- I got to be a part of His plan. It still makes me sad and I remember those dates/anniversaries and have my moments, but am thankful for what God has entrusted us-- 2 handsome boys and soon to have daughter.

3. I married above and beyond my league. Danny is far better a husband than I deserve. We just celebrated 10 years this past summer!

4. Nathan & Micah are the funniest little boys I know. They are a source of joy, but like all parenting experiences, they can make me want to pull my hair out too ;) But life is fuller because God has put them in our family.

5. I am very close to my family. I talk to my parents a lot and do video chats with them, even my grandparents. My brothers call me often and we talk and talk and talk. Ok, sometimes I talk and they listen, but point being.... we connect and keep updated on each others lives :)

6. I despise almost all veggies.

7. I strongly (I don't like using the word 'hate') disliked Football when Danny & I married. But I wanted to do things with him that he liked and so I would sit next to him Sunday afternoons and watch the games with him. He was patient enough to explain things to me which has helped me learn to enjoy it. Now 10 1/2 years later, I find myself hollering at the t.v or telling Danny to wake up because he missed an awesome play. I have played Fantasy Football with him for a few years now. One year... I even beat him! This year was not as kind to me.... I blame my focus being more on the pregnancy.

8. I do not like clutter or a messy house. I know most people would say they don't either... but I'm really bothered by it and am constantly telling the boys to pick stuff up. It's a struggle because it doesn't come overly natural to me. I'm sure my parents are rolling on the floor laughing right now. I was not a poster child of cleanliness or organization growing up.

9. I love photography and learning to 'tweak' my pictures to make them really stand out and look artsy.

10. I have called 3 continents 'home'. I believe I am a very easily adaptable person. If I am where God wants me.. then I am home.

I'm supposed to nominate some blogs I enjoy reading (I read other friends from our town in Texas... but they were nominated along with me so I won't renom. the same people):

Kristin-- a dear high school friend and dormie.

Patty-- another dear friend from high school.

Valerie-- and yet another sweet friend from high school.

Amy-- college friend and my RA living in France.

Steph--sweet friend living in Mongolia.

The rules:

-mention the one who nominated you on your blog.
-write 10 honest things about yourself.
-nominate other blogs (and don't forget to tell them about it).

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