Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ready or not!

Ok, I have some news for you all!

Saturday night my Dr. called to check on me (yes, I have a very good Doctor). He thought he would've heard from me by now and wanted to see how I was feeling. I told him that I had been feeling some pain and pressure, but nothing I didn't think was worthy of calling him or the midwife for just yet (they use mid-wives here to deliver the baby and the Dr. is only for me). Since he was on-call at the hospital over the weekend he asked if I'd come in for a check up the next day (today) instead of waiting till Wednesday. So we went in and my amniotic fluid was low (just like it was when Micah was induced) and he feels that we should induce her on Monday morning. He did say that she is very ready to come on her own and that he might see us Sunday night instead. I am hoping to just wait till Monday because the boys are already in bed and we have help lined up for the morning and well, it's just easier to start your day "in order".

If all goes well on Monday we should have some news to post. Micah was induced about the same time of day and was born at 3:18pm (local), 8:18am (CST). We'll drop our boys off with a very good friend and Danny will pick them up when we're ready for them to see their baby sister!

I'm very excited and very anxious as well. Though I've done this a couple of times I do not like needles and pain ( I know... I know... who really does). haha. Also, I feel less prepared this time around, but it probably has a lot to do with already having 2 active boys :) haha. We are stocked with groceries though and that's important ;) I've got most of the laundry done, but the baby's room is in chaos and there is so much cleaning to do..... oh well. She's coming whether it's done or not.

Keep me & baby girl in prayer-- for a smooth, uneventful delivery. Danny as he juggles being with me and checking on the boys, picking them up, taking them home, feeding, bathing, putting to bed, etc. He is a great dad, but I know he'll be tired and we're a team so suddenly going solo for a couple of days will tire him out. Prayer for our boys as they are excited but are also about to have their worlds rocked and be shuffled around. Pray for my parents as they get ready to visit in a week and a half.

So... till next time!


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Val said...

You still have 8 days until your due date! =) Congratulations on Grace!!! She's beautiful and you all make a gorgeous family. =)