Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow photos

Well, in our 6 winters here we've not experienced this much snow without it melting before the next batch fell. Usually, it'll snow quite a bit then most of it will melt and in another few weeks more snow will fall, then melt, and so on. But this year the temps have stayed cold enough that it's not really melting before the next snow fall. It's just so pretty outside! Of course, I'm enjoying it fully because Danny is doing all the shoveling (I've done it in years past, but being that I'm in my 9 month of pregnancy....), but he's not totally hating it either. haha! The boys are loving it! Their Kindergarten has "recess" everyday and so they get all bundled up and play outside for the longest time. As a parent, I fully appreciate the teachers that get them all dressed and let the kids use up some energy before I pick them up and bring them home :)

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