Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still waiting...

Ok, so still no baby. Which is somewhat ok with me because Danny & I are chipping away at our 'to do' list. I thought I was caught up on laundry and then BAM! the piles seem to have had great-grand "piles" over night. We are trying to keep the mood of the house 'calm' because the boys are sensing something is going on... they know the baby is coming, but they don't like seeing me freeze up and breathe thru a blurb of discomfort ;)

Nate & Micah have a 'Cowboys & Indians' dress-up party at school tomorrow and on Friday any costume they want to wear (we have Batman and Spiderman). The theme at school this year is 'Around the World' and for Fasching/Carnival week it happened to fall on America. So we were asked to lend stuff from our home that represented America for the kids to see. We had kiddie cowboy boots, little trinkets of this and that (buildings in Washington, Mt. Rushmore, etc) and of course Danny's Football gear. I had some books from my teaching days and then printed and translated some recipes that are "American". You get the idea. The boys have thoroughly enjoyed the attention of learning about their country. Then semester break next week!

Church attendance was low this past week due to the ski season going on and some people out of town, but still had a sweet time with those that came. The place we meet at was sooo cold even with our sad tiny heaters. So we're going to look at getting a bigger one. Though I'm sure as soon as we do all this snow we're getting (and it's a lot this year!) will melt away and Spring will show up. haha. No matter, we love what we do and pray that God will continue to add to our group.

I need to go pack the boys an overnight bag in case we need it. Though I really would love my parents to be in country when this baby comes for the convenience of the boys, we are so blessed with great friends and sooo many offers to watch them whenever needed.

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