Friday, February 05, 2010

Soon and very soon...

My next appointment wasn't till next week, but I've been feeling like things might be progressing and since I was induced with both boys before my due date, I wanted to make sure things were ok or if we needed to get ready, so I called the Dr.'s office and had my appt. moved up a week ( it would've been 3 weeks since my last appt. anyways and I thought being this far along that was a bit of a wait anyways). So baby girl is going to be here before we know it! The Dr. said his GUESS would be in the next 7-10 days. My due date is the 26th and so she should be here before then. I'm so ready to meet her, not just because I'm feeling like there's no more room in there for her, but because I always get like this... can't wait to see who the baby looks like. Nathan pulls the Wiese side out strongly and Micah is actually a really good blend of both Danny & myself.

My parents are coming the end of the month. They are going to be here before my due date, but I may deliver before then and as much as I know that disappoints my mom it might turn out easier to give birth, do my time in the hospital, and then be home for their whole visit. It would keep Danny from car pooling everyone in so many different directions and we could all just be home and relax and enjoy being together. But we'll see :)

We, or Danny, I should say {smile}, got the kitchen and dining room all painted. It looks so nice! We kinda had to do it because we've had paint purchased for awhile and a couple of walls that have/had our boys art work all over it. Once the baby arrives, we all know most of those things (maintenance, home improvements, etc.) will take a back seat to the new adventures and attempts at routines that will take place.

The boys are doing great! Micah's German vocab is coming along so quickly. We are so impressed and proud. He has really come out of his shell more since beginning Kindergarten. He does tend to think he's older than he really is though and in the world of parenting/disciplining we've been working with him on his back talk and attitude when he doesn't get his way. But that comes with the territory of having a 3 yr. old. Nathan is being prepped for entering Elementary school in the fall. Everyday there is time spent working on different skills. He is not overly interested in letters and writing as much as he really enjoys numbers. He'll randomly come up to me or Danny and tell us what _ + _ = and he's right! I'm so glad there is something that he really 'gets'. The other stuff will fall into place eventually.

So that is a bit of life here. Hopefully, we'll be posting pics about the newest member of our family soon! Stay tuned!


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The Hull Munchkins said...

Excited for your family on the arrival of your sweet little one! We will pray for a safe and smooth delivery.