Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 2

Nathan had to spend 2 nights in the hospital. He came home Sunday afternoon. They wanted to keep an eye on him since he was under anesthesia and also to check his heart/lung area for bruising/swelling.

He went to Kindergarten on Monday and had a great day. He's really not complained about pain. He does take some children's tylenol before going to school and before bedtime.

Thru all this Danny & I have just had to sorta laugh. We leave in a week and a half for the States!!! What in the world?!? I was just telling my friend, Jessi on the phone the week before how I was hoping Danny wouldn't get hurt or break a bone this last week at his football game (which he missed to be with Nathan at the hospital). Many of our summer plans with family involve water--swimming, water parks, etc. But it seems like Danny & I are the only ones concerned :) We don't 'baby' him... Nate tries everything himself and then if he can't do something we help him. It's rare to hear him ask for help. Nathan is a trooper!

God is not surprised by all this and though it's an inconvenience to us, I believe that God wants what is best for us and if this is what He sees as best for us in this moment... then I'm okay with it.

Always smiling....

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