Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nate's broken arm

Ok, I've been needing to blog about this, but wanted to get my timeline of things I wanted to post in order. So here we are last Friday, June 18th. I was at a breakfast with friends (some of the moms of the Kindergarten meet sometimes after we drop our kids off at school). Gracie was being ohhh'd and ahhh'd over and I needed to make a small grocery run before picking the boys up. So I was saying my good-bye's and loading Gracie into her car seat when my cell phone rang. I didn't recognize the number so I let it go to voicemail and would call back from the car. As I was leaving the kitchen, my friends phone rang and she said it was for me. Nathan's teacher, Nicole said he had fallen and broken his arm and I needed to come ASAP! Thankfully, I was only 2 minutes away. That was enough time for me to feel horrible for not answering my phone!

I arrived at the school and Nathan was in a chair in the office. I was expecting to see tears... but he was calmly sitting there. My thoughts then were "must not be that bad." Then I noticed Kiersten, (teacher from across the hall) holding Nate's wrist. I smiled at him and looked down, "ohhhhh... wow... ohhhhh... hey there, buddy... you ok?!?" (I kept my brave face on because kids react to their parents reaction) He told me he fell off the monkey bars and his chest broke his fall. It happened so fast that he doesn't remember using his hands to break his fall.

Micah came inside and told me that Nate was hurt (he was really worried about his brother). So now I have all 3 kids and need to get Nate to the hospital. I knew that it would be hard to get him there without possibly doing some damage to his arm. So I asked Nicole to call the ambulance. Danny was at home working in his office (in the basement) and doesn't get cell phone reception and our land line was upstairs. There was no way I could go home to get him (I was worried Nate would break down if he saw me leave). I turned to another mom friend and asked if she knew where I lived. She left to get Danny (front door was open and she yelled for him) and they got back as the ambulance pulled up.

Another mom friend offered to take Micah home for the afternoon and he didn't want to at first. He was really worried and intrigued by the ambulance. Poor Micah, he wanted to ride in there so bad. As I was buckling him into the car, Rosi was walking towards us and asking Micah again. Her 2 boys took Micah by the hand and asked him to come with them. I think he felt important and said, "bye Mommy". I was so thankful he was going to be cared for that day.

Gracie & I ran home to get her a bottle and the traffic to the hospital was horrible! We pulled up and he had just had his first x-ray and was getting the rest of his body checked-out. I was holding his hand and he said his chest started hurting suddenly. I told the Dr. who was filling out some paper work and as soon as I said that, 3 Dr.'s were looking him over. I was impressed. They decided to wheel him off and take another x-ray of his chest to make sure he was okay. The care he received was so good. He was not happy about the IV port in his other arm. He kept having us scratch his nose or rub his forehead. It bothered him to bend his arm (I fully understand--I hate being poked). He was so quiet and still had the look of shock/trauma on his face. We prayed many times and the only time we saw him get nervous and on the verge of tears was when they said they were taking him to the operating room. He reached out for Danny and begged him not to leave him. Rip my heart out! After he was out of sight I let a couple of tears fall. Danny & I just sat in the hall with a sick feeling in our stomachs. We were told they were going to need to put a pin in his arm. So he was going to be put out. We have a Dr. friend here and he called to let us know one of his buddies was working and was there for Nate. That brought a little peace knowing a connection had been made.

See how his arm (below) dips?!? This picture sends shivers down my spine.

My incredibly brave boy!
We found out Saturday that he did NOT have surgery. They thought he was going to, but they were able to set it. He was put under in case they needed to, so it took him some time to come out of the "fog". He has a cast from his finger tips to his shoulder.

After he came out of the recovery room and to a regular room (that he shared with 3 other boys), I went home to get clothes, toiletries, his stuffed dog, Sparky (he really lit up when I brought him and that is where he rests his arm most of the time now) and grabbed the PSP so he could watch some cartoons and just rest. The older boys in the room controlled the tv :)


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