Saturday, September 25, 2010

New faces

We arrived safely in Texas on June 30th. It was so great to be met at the airport by family, but especially by our niece and 2 nephews. Zaylee is 2 yrs. old and Maddox just turned one a couple of days before our arrival. Trace is 4 days younger than Gracie (they are so cute together!). My parents and a couple of friends were waiting @ Danny's parents house to see us... after being gone for nearly 3 years it was so good to hug everyone. Watching the kids play together as cousins was fun and entertaining too.

Everyone slept pretty well that first night.... the next morning after an hour or so of being awake and having some breakfast, Micah crashed on the couch watching cartoons. Jet lag always shows up at the oddest times. haha.

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