Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great Grandparents

Just 2 days after arriving we went to visit my Grandparents. In the same workshop that my Dad and brothers have received haircuts, my boys have also been Papa's customers as well :) My Papa was a barber at one time and it's so cool to watch him work so quick, calm, and accurate. I love that he's given all my guys haircuts every time we visit. Sweet memories.

My grandparents are both beginning their 80's and would you believe they offered/insisted we leave all 3 kids with them while we went out with some old friends (blogging on that next)?! They're just awesome like that. Part of me wanted to bring our kids & introduce them to everyone (some friends did bring their kids and that was nice to see who looked like who (whom?), but the other part screamed, "Run! A chance to talk & eat with adults!" Gracie was sleeping & the boys were watching it rain while playing with Tonka trucks (that my brothers played with at their age) on the back porch.

Papa & Grama (or GG=Great Grama), thank you!! We had such a good time! It was our first night out with no kids in MONTHS. We love you & the kids adore you too!


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