Monday, September 27, 2010

A Reunion

A couple of months/weeks before we headed to the States I started thinking about how short our visit would be (7 weeks) and all the people I wanted to see in that time. I don't usually know what I'm going to do next week... I kinda like having flexibility in my schedule. But when you only have a certain amount of time, you plan. Plan like crazy!

So one evening in Austria, I was chatting with a friend on the phone and I realized that quite a few of us friends were going to be in the same city during the same weekend! The Whitleys were flying in from New York to see family. The Scotts driving in from Ohio. Brenda & her crew from Wisconsin were visiting her brother and our family from Austria. There were of course those that lived in the area- Jon W. and the Grahams (though Tommy had to work and didn't get to see him, but Jen is the fave-heehee!). Because it was the 4th of July weekend a lot of friends already had plans and so sadly couldn't join us. I sent out the email with the idea.... Bekah brain-stormed where and when... Brenda called restaurants and viola! we had a reunion set.

We've all been friends either from birth/high-school/or somewhere in between (with the exception that some spouses met the gang in college, but feel like a part of the group now). A lot of our parents were even friends from their own childhoods! Some of us have dated each other (haha), we've been in each others weddings (I know I sang in a couple of them), laughed, cried, prayed for each other, watched our kids become friends, and just grown up into adults together. It's a good thing.

I sat looking around the table just soaking it all in... the laugher was contagious, the stories hilarious, and the cameras flashing everywhere. We're older (ugh.), wiser (hopeful smile), happier (spouses/kids), but the same ol' silly kids we always were.

Guys/Gals-- thanks for taking time out of your short, busy weekend with family to make time for a meal with friends. I know it was worth it for Danny & I. We pray for you all often and are grateful for your friendship all these years. Can't wait till the next time... hope even more of our friends can make it!


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