Sunday, October 17, 2010

College friends

The first weekend that we drove to Missouri was spent reconnecting with some dear friends. The Harrod & Ross families are friends from our college days. The guys were a year ahead of the girls and were on the same floor in the dorm (Justin & Danny were roomies). The girls... different dorms, but had classes together and then of course started dating these crazy guys and well.... the rest is history :) We've had some incredible times (working in the cafe, dates, weddings, new year's parties, just everyday life....) with these 2 families and love them dearly. It's a rare and wonderful thing to have friends that though you rarely get to see and spend time with them... the phone calls and emails keep you close and connected.

The Harrod's have 4 awesome kids! Chris & Kim are wonderful parents.... just have a conversation with J..... or watch A and her sweet spirit... or C and his mischievous face.... or D who is a fireball of energy. So proud to know this family. Also, pray for their youngest... he's had some health issues that have given us all a scare. Miss and love you guys!

The Ross's have 4 crazy, awesome BOYS! Justin & Trish are just as crazy as their boys, btw. R is a miracle... I is Nate's age and both are full of trouble... C is Micah's age and both are little fireballs of energy... then C is a cutie and looks like his momma! Miss and love you guys!

We also put the word out that our families were going to hang out at a park near the college we went to and have dinner and let our kids run till they dropped (staying in a hotel was crampin' our style-haha). What fun we had reconnecting with even more friends! We were totally outnumbered by the kids :)

Doling Park
We dominated the hotel pool area.
(yes, Nate has a trash bag and duct tape over his cast)

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