Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Micah's 4th Birthday

A pause in the summer updates.

My sweet boy, Micah celebrated his 4th birthday yesterday. For some reason this number seemed to "grow" the boys up faster. Now he really seems like a big kid to me (don't tell him it "just now seems"-hee hee). We had our traditional waking up the birthday person with a Birthday song. It's become a highlight of the morning.... gets everyone up and going, smiling and dancing :) Next it's off to school where he celebrated with his class and had cupcakes. We picked them up and headed to the lunch of their choice (Micah was no surprise--McDonalds). Grampa & Grammy sent money so he bought a remote control fire truck at Toys R Us and went home to have our family dinner/cake/presents time. He will have a little party with friends in a couple of weeks. Our schedule is just jam packed right now.

Here are a few pictures of how my baby boy has grown into this big kid!

Micah home from the hospital
(love how he suddenly put his finger in the air)
Micah @ 12 months
Micah @ 2 yrs. old
Micah @ 3 yrs. old
Micah @ 4 yrs. old with Daddy
What a gift this child is to our family!! Micah thinks his Papi (since he started Kindergarten last year, he has been using German for many things instead of English. Oh, that means 'Daddy'.) is the greatest! When Micah was 3 yrs. old and would see an NFL or college game on t.v. he would get excited and point and yell, "Daddy play!" He loves to go watch Danny play football for the Styrian Bears. He loves his Mama and still likes to be held and cuddled at times. He adores his big brother, Nathan. They are best friends.... ahem, I was corrected once... it's "best brothers". He can't hug and kiss Gracie enough. He is so protective of her and I love how that gives me a glimpse into the future. Thru the years I've affectionately called him our "firecracker". He is a burst of energy, hilarious, affectionate, goofy, opinionated, will fight me over what he wants to wear to school and has big brown eyes that melt any frustration I have with him. He's emotional, likes and NEEDS his afternoon nap (remember reading "emotional"?!?), will eat just about all vegetables, specifically broccoli (baby trees) and loves fruit too. He likes spiderman, batman, and well... all superheroes. He likes fire trucks and is in full agreement when Nathan tells him (notice I didn't say my first born asks him) that they are both going to be firemen at the fire station in our neighborhood when they get older. He likes music and playing "air" instruments.

He is our gift from God and we are grateful that we've been entrusted with such a gift.

Happy Birthday!!

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