Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We finally broke down and got a puppy. Danny & I both grew up with dogs and so we knew one day we'd want one for our family. But we wanted to hold off till our kids could help care for the dog or hold off till we didn't have small kids! Yes... I realize our kids are not exactly old enough to care for a dog and that we DO have small kids!! I lost track where we went wrong with our timeline and plans.... but what's done is done ;)

Well, after our trip to the States this summer, the boys were really talking about having a puppy. So Danny started researching online what dogs are best for our area, our family type, dog breeds and the different health issues that come with the breed, etc. I grew up with German Shepherds and loved them. My grandparents had a cute dauschund while I was in college (and another one years ago). Danny had different ones through out his childhood, but his favorite was a Blue Heeler that was sadly stolen. So since we couldn't agree (obviously we wanted our childhood memories) we asked the boys. Nathan wanted a Beagle and Micah wanted "that" dog (whichever one was on the computer screen at the time... btw, "that" changed daily).

We had finally decided on getting 2 outsides dogs. But the more we started thinking about it... this was going to cost us more than we really wanted to spend. The money to actually BUY the dogs, then shots, food, yard maintenance to get ready for dogs, dog houses, etc. So that got Danny searching even more and he found a lady giving away dauschund puppies (a dauschund was one of our choices if we got an inside dog)! He emailed her and she had 2 left. The momma dog had 5 puppies and the lady didn't have room for them. In fact, when she bought her dog from a breeder, neither knew the dog was pregnant! So she really wasn't ready to have puppies and it was more important to her that the dog go to a good family than trying to make money on selling the puppies. She was a nice lady--cried as we drove away.

So yes... we have a puppy. We got him in September (a lot happened that month- getting settled back into the house after being gone for 2 months, school started, fall activities, and a dog--that's why I didn't blog much!!). He is a dauschund (possibly a miniature one). He's an inside dog and really cute! We named him Buster (wasn't the dauschund in Toy Story named Buster?!?) Danny & I are very particular about the cleanliness of a household with pets. We do NOT want people to walk into our house and know we have a dog before they ever see him. Just a pet peeve :) We do have a small cage/house for Buster that will protect HIM from some of our smaller guests who are overly excited to be around him ;) He's done extremely well with house training. There have been "accidents" of course, but he's a fast learner!

Meet the newest member of our household: Buster.

**photos are from his first couple of weeks with us... he's grown a lot since these were taken. I'll get some more soon.


Val said...

I love him!!! We love dachshunds and have a little brown one. =) Have fun with him! Dachshunds bring out the most extreme emotions in people - so much love, so much frustration. =)

Jaime said...

So cute!! Grace's face is hilarious!!

F. Deaton said...

LOL! We just got a puppy ourselves-it's an adventure! Buster is so cute! Grace's little face is precious-like, "What in the world is THAT?!"