Monday, November 29, 2010

Catching up on...

School Year 2010
(began September 13th):

Began 1st grade.
Out of 11 kids that moved up from his Kindergarten class, 9 are in his 1st grade class. He was happy to have friends with him.
Frau Pozar is his teacher. She has 22 yrs. of experience.
School begins at 7:45am till 11:35am. He goes 30 minutes early on Thursday & Friday (it was offered for the whole class and we felt it best for him to go for some help with German).
He has homework every day.
Learning to read and write.
Concentrating and making good use of time is a struggle for him (sadly, got that from me).
He is very good at Math.
His German is coming along very well.

Missed his brother at first....
Enjoying being Micah instead of "Nate's little brother".
Is like his brother in the fact that he has a lot of friends.
Speaks German.
Can be really defiant when being disciplined (aren't we all works in progress?!?).
Really likes his teacher and will miss her when she leaves to have her baby in the Spring.
Gets into trouble with another little boy who is actually really sweet, but my goodness he's mischievous!
Is picky about what he wears to Kindergarten.
Is good at drawing and puzzles.
Knows his numbers, but would rather put them in his own "order".

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