Friday, November 26, 2010


So at the age of 31 I've decided to learn to play an instrument. I tried about 3 times through-out my childhood to play the piano. Needless to say I can barely play chopsticks ;) It was my fault. I am not an overly disciplined person and so I didn't take the time to practice. My idea of playing the piano was getting all the learning during my lesson time and somehow it would stick (as well as improve) till the next lesson. I was much too social to remove myself from friends to sit alone at a piano!

Soooo (drum roll please) the instrument I've decided to learn is...

Yes, a guitar. It's been a challenge. I'm still not overly disciplined and throw in everyday life, kids, ministry, teaching English.... well, I don't practice as often as I should, but I do see improvement every week. I am enjoying it!

This is the view from the part of town I go to for my lessons (I love the city). I have a wonderful teacher. She is Hungarian and doesn't speak one word of English. It's hard enough learning to play the guitar, now throw in German as our only means of communication. But it's coming along quite well. I do find it hard to sing and play at the same time. My teacher keeps telling me (because I get so frustrated with myself) not to worry too much. It'll come in time.

I just hope the boys see Danny & I always trying things, learning things, and challenging ourselves. Most importantly learning and seeking after God.


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