Sunday, January 09, 2011

Happy 2011

... ok, so we're a week into the New Year and I've spent the whole week sick :( Ugh. The upside to this whole thing is that I should be good to go the rest of the year. I may have a sniffle here and there, but hopefully this was my once a year "knock me off my feet" illness. Danny had it a few weeks ago too. We are praying that God would allow our kids to stay healthy. I think know we take for granted when they are healthy.

The kids have enjoyed the Christmas break. We've been able to relax a bit as a family--though I still think another week is needed :) But isn't that the way it is... always wanting more of what we cannot have?!?

Bible study attendance was very low the last couple of weeks, but that was to be expected with people going out of town for the holidays. We've got a new year ahead of us with ideas, activities and hopefully some growth will result from our efforts.

Danny really enjoys the New Year celebration here (I do too. But having grown up in the Philippines the whole concept of fireworks on New Years Eve is not new to me. It's expected and fun!). The fireworks here are awesome! As soon as the sun sets you start hearing loud popping and the whistling of some flying into the sky. The closer it gets to midnight the louder and more frequent the fireworks become. You don't really even need a clock because there is a radical change from 11:58 to 12:01. It sounds like a war zone (or I would guess it does having never actually been in one). The sky lights up and it's an awesome show from our own backyard. Here are a few pics of our family helping the neighborhood out in welcoming in the New Year! Gracie slept thru it all--thankfully! But the boys stayed up and absolutely loved the whole process. We played games, snacked, watched a movie and then bundled up and lit up the sky in our snow covered backyard in 18 degree Fahrenheit weather. Brrrr... it was cold! So maybe how I got sick is not a complete mystery.... haha.

Blessings to you all in this New Year!

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