Monday, January 10, 2011

Things the kids say or do

Nate: Can Buster join us for Bible study, Dad?

As we're getting settled for family devotions in the living room, Micah says to Nate, "I'm sitting by the Pastor."

Danny asks the boys, "What is the Gospel?"
Micah quickly answers, but in a questioning sort of voice, "A tunnel?"


Micah hears a football game on tv and comes in asking Danny, "Who's playing? Is it the Eagles and the Beagles?"

Nathan gets up after being in bed for awhile and says in a fake sleepy voice, "I think I'm sick... I felt a hot burp."


Gracie is chatting up a storm everyday. Just wish we knew what she was trying to tell us :) Her favorite words/sounds are: Dididididi Daddee Dadadada Mam Mam Hey! She also razzes a lot.

She is standing on her own and is quite proud of herself, but has no interest in taking steps. Trying to climb out of her high chair, clapping, waving, and giving kisses are her current talents.

Micah is not known for freely giving hugs and kisses. But lately he's taken it upon himself to, very randomly come running to us and hugging us while saying, "I love you!" He is usually in the middle of playing or should be in bed (that one might be just a reason to get up and knows it's hard to be mad when he's saying such sweet things) or eating at the table. Tonight he hollered at Grace "I love you, Gwace!" until she looked at him and smiled.


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