Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Growing up...

Part of me mourns the fact that my kids are growing up. But another part of me is always thrilled to watch in awe as they learn to sit, crawl, clap, pull up, turn jibberish into real words, walk, etc. Then of course the pride I feel as I listen to my first born read to me in German and maybe even more so as he feels the need to translate what he read to me in English (oh such a sweet boy). It's a good thing to see your kids thrive and succeed in life. It means I'm doing my job... the job God gave me to care for my kids and help them learn. My Dad used to say that it is a compliment to work yourself out of a job. I'm not quite ready to work myself out of the job of motherhood, but I do pray that every year that passes my kids learn more and more about life and God. There is one job I wouldn't mind losing at the moment... shoe tying!

Tonight I was so proud of my boys as they listened to Danny read from the Bible for family devos and answer questions and even give insight to certain things they had heard. To listen to Micah pray.... well, he's come a long way from "Jesus, that we have a good day and good sleep thanks for good food. amen" (word for word... that's how he started it too). Tonight I watched him (yes, I had an eye open! ssshhh....) and his eyes were squeezed shut and he was so intent and deep in thought as he asked God to "not let us eat from the tree in the middle of the garden and that all the animals would not die (don't know about that one??)....." (can you tell that we are studying Creation? He mentioned many other things as well.) Next, Nathan prayed a short & simple prayer. He had one request and said "Amen." All this heart-warming stuff quickly ended when Danny was about to pray and Micah whispers "mine was longer than yours Nate." Ohhhh dear..... we've got a ways to go, don't we?!? I had to bow my head as I hid my smile.... only a 4 year old brother would think about the competition with his brother. Of course, we cleared things up with Micah that God doesn't care about the length of the prayer as he does the condition of your heart and the sincerity of what you're speaking to Him about.

So though I am sad the boys don't have that "baby" sound to their voice anymore or don't say words in a cute way and that they both go off to school everyday.... I'm proud of the young men they are growing into!

I still have my baby girl! But by this weekend she will be a month away from her 1st birthday! Wow... I thought my pregnancy would never end and now look---little Ms. Grace is about to celebrate her first birthday.

Here are Gracie's 8-10 months photos with Molly, the pound puppy. You can find her 1-3 months here, 4th month here and 5-7 months here. (click on word "here")

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