Monday, January 24, 2011


Ahhh, Winter! I didn't get to enjoy it during my childhood. I remember wishing I lived in a place that I could do all the things my mom and her siblings did in the snow when they were kids in Michigan. Then I moved to Missouri for college and I was giddy every time it snowed. My friends from the more "wintery" states thought I was crazy.

Well, here I am. We still don't get as much snow as most places in Austria because our city is in a valley. But it's actually just enough for us-- I get to see pretty white stuff frequently and Danny doesn't get completely wiped out from shoveling.

However, this past week it had warmed up a tad bit and I had a window open to just freshen up the air quality in the house and I got a whiff of something. It smelled like fresh cut grass. I don't know what it really was since our yard and the neighbors still have patches of white from our first snow the end of November. I am about to admit something I really never thought I'd say/write. Ever.

I'm looking forward to the summer.


I must be losing my mind. Really.... what am I thinking?!? I hate sweating. I don't like the heat. Our house does not have air conditioning (neither do most stores), but our oscillating fans work well. Funny how that scent of what I thought was fresh cut grass could do to my state of mind.

Here are some reasons why I believe the Spring/Summer months are looking better to me:

I have 3 kids to bundle up to go anywhere (shopping, school, church, playdates). Searching for scarves, gloves, hats is not as fun as it may sound. Especially when one of my boys say, "I remember I had it on the playground at school." Oh good.... that'll be sitting at your desk tomorrow, I'm sure.

Sometimes the lack of snow and it's just cold--- I'm not a fan. If it's going to be cold then I want it to be pretty too.

No snow days.... ever. At least, that I know about. We have snow tires and everyone just knows how to deal with it (now speaking about that... I do think it's funny now that I live here how the "talk" of snow in the part of Texas we lived in was/is cause for alarm--I know it's because none of us knew how to drive in it there and here nobody blinks... snow is expected and life goes on).

Our car gets messy from mud, melting snow, the damp smell, etc.

Trying to balance moisture in the house (we have radiators, no circulating heat from vents). The windows start to sweat and then I have to fight the mold that grows practically overnight. Too much moisture and someone might get sick... too little and my throat hurts from getting dried out during the night.

Probably like most kids, mine seem to get sick during the winter months.

I get sick during the winter months.

The process of getting kids bundled to go outside and play, then 10 min. later "we are coming in... it's too cold." This frustrates me mainly because they were outside for the length of time it took me to find that stinkin' glove that had gone missing and now they want in?!?!

But no matter what.... I DO love Winter. Here are a few things about winter:

The snow.... it's beautiful... breathtakingly.

Our house, yard, the city, things in general take on a new perspective when covered in white.

The kids want to play more board games or cuddle when it's cold.

Many germs & allergy stuff is killed when it freezes.

The kids look cute in their snowsuits, hats, and rosy cheeks.

The boys like to play hockey and it's fun to watch them skate at an outside rink while drinking hot chocolate or coffee.

Danny & I cook really good chili, stews, and soups. Yummy winter foods!

Ok.... this was quite the random post. Then again, if you know me.... this was actually like having a normal conversation with me. It was long, chatty, full of (to you) useless information etc. haha. But you only have yourself to blame. You're still reading this ;)

I guess I am just realizing that instead of disliking half the seasons and loving the others.... I like them all. Just like the weather, we all have seasons of life we go thru. My friend, Jessi & I had a phone conversation about that not to long ago.... single, college, careers, married without kids, married with one kid, married with many kids, married and kids grown, single parents, grandparents, etc. We were discussing how friendships go thru seasons too. But our God-- no matter what season we are in... He never changes. Our Rock.

Daniel 2:21 "He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding."

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