Friday, January 28, 2011

Week at home with....

...sick kids! Micah had a fever for a few days last week. So we kept him home from Kindergarten. Then sometime Friday night or Saturday morning we noticed a very slight rash. It almost resembled a bit of heat rash. We figured it was from the sweat of his fever breaking in the night (he slept in flannel jammies) or every winter he gets really bad dry skin and we have to get a prescription ointment. He wasn't complaining so we didn't worry, till we noticed it was getting worse. Monday morning we took him in immediately and the Dr. said it was scarlet fever. Now most of the time when we hear scarlet fever we think of what our parents or grandparents have told us about it being super dangerous. So Danny researched online and found out it's basically a form of strep throat, but takes on the rash form (of course anything untreated can be dangerous, but in this day and age there's not much reason to let things go that far). Micah was already so much better by Tuesday morning with 1 day of antibiotics and ointment.

While I was picking up Nate from a playdate (Monday afternoon) he said he didn't feel good. I felt him and sure enough he had a fever. We didn't know of Micah's diagnosis till Nate was already at his friends house. I apologized to the mom and she said that it was no big deal since kids pass stuff around all the time and that her son has probably already been exposed by someone else at school (there are signs at the schools saying Scarlet fever and Chickenpox are going around).

First thing Tuesday morning, Nate went to the Dr. and yes.... he caught it. His case was not near as bad because we took action within a few hours of his symptoms.

Both boys are on antibiotics and are doing sooooo much better. They will return to their schools on Monday. Nathan has been doing homework and he has so much to do!! There's the work they would've done in class and also the work they would normally bring home (which I personally believe is a bit much anyway). Thankfully, he's very quick with his math and reads pretty good considering it's not his mother-tongue. He takes awhile to write because he is easily distracted. Distracted by a shadow, a memory he had from last summer, the fish in the fish tank, a piece of flint....

Poor kid, he got that from me. I struggle to concentrate too.

We are praying that Gracie stays healthy. There were a couple of days between Micah's first fever and Nathan's.... so let's pray that Gracie isn't on the verge of showing symptoms. I might loose my mind if there is one more sick kid. Danny & I started January with horrible colds and are really just now shaking them.

Gracie stands alone a lot.... but no walking yet.
C'mon girl!
She does like books and though she is known to chew on them, she is much more gentle than her brothers ever were with books.

Nathan & Buster during the sick week
Gracie & Micah. He had that rash all over his face, neck and chest.

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