Monday, May 16, 2011

This and that

-We have a blow-up kiddie pool and so the water is never that deep. We also just put it up this past week and there's just a few inches in it because it's well water and it's COLD! So when I say the kids "jump in"... well, it's more of a run toward the pool, stop in front of it, slowly lift leg over side and then jump/fall into the water. So Micah does this very thing on Saturday. But he slips in the 5 inches of water and gets water on his face. He springs up as fast as he can and exclaims, "I just dwowned! But just a little bit, I'm ok."

-Uncle Joey & Aunt Bekah gave the boys a slip 'n slide last year and we just opened it up and the kids were intrigued! Nathan was much more cautious, Micah did pretty good and Gracie won, but she didn't know she was playing along. Daddy took her by surprise and flung her down and she was shocked and then a girlie cry came out and when she looked at us cheering for her, saw she was ok... Gracie started to laugh and splash in the water. A lot of kids reactions are based upon what they see in their parents reactions.

-Gracie leans in to all photo frames I have at her level (bookshelves, end tables, hope chest) and starts jabbering to them. It dawned on me that she thinks she is doing an ichat (video chat for all you non-Mac owners) with all the pictures she sees. It is hilarious and so very sweet. How times have changed since I was a kid living in the Philippines! In the very early years we would go to the phone company and stand in line to place the call to talk to our grandparents who were 14 hrs. behind us. Then there was the time we waited 7 yrs. for a phone in our house in Palawan. How about the fact I remember being in high school when we got internet/email?!? My kids have no clue what Beta tapes/VCR/VHS means. I think of my grandparents who are in their 80's. The changes they've seen are innumerable.... but they roll with it :)

-Nate's birthday is coming up this week (20th). This year I had to give him a limit on how many kids he could invite... last year we had 17 kids here (not to mention the families that stayed or came afterward to visit before leaving with their kids). Nate is my social one.... just like his Momma. But most of our friends are in the same situation as our family-- we have more than one child! Danny & I use birthday parties and any other gatherings we host as a chance to get to know families in our community and share Christ. But as the kids get older (all the kids) I'm seeing that I'm focusing on making sure all our guests are happy, fed, or hydrated, etc. and I'm not enjoying celebrating my own child's birthday! It's his/her day and I'm putting them last. So this year I gave Nate a limit and I think he'll enjoy it much more.... I'm sure I will too. We'll use other gatherings like grillin' out, school's out/summer time, Christmas parties, game nights, etc. to get to know people deeper and let the birthday parties be a more intimate occasion (still getting to know families, just a few at a time instead of everyone we know). He did take cupcakes today for his whole class and he was excited to share with them.

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