Tuesday, June 07, 2011

7 years

Our 7 year anniversary since arriving in Austria is coming up next month. In that time we've only been out of Austria for about 8 months! The first couple of years it seemed we went back every summer to be a part of weddings in our families and then to report to our supporting churches while we were there. But they were just short trips.

So that got me to thinking. Danny & I met in college (I was there 3 yrs.) and after we married and finished college we moved back to Texas. We were there 4 yrs. then we moved to Austria. Did you count all that?? From the time I graduated high school and moved to Austria was---- 7 years! I guess those seemed longer because of all the moving around (Missouri, dorms, Texas, married, back to Texas for interning, and deputation) we did.

It doesn't really feel like we've been in Austria that long, but then I look at the 3 little people running around the house (we came with a 9 week old baby) and of the ones gone on to Heaven and yep, 7 years sounds right :) It's amazing to look back and see where God has brought us... challenged us... grown us... broken us.... strengthened us.

God is gracious.


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