Sunday, November 20, 2011

{ Titus }

This handsome fella was born back in June.... the 23rd to be specific.  Everyone always has their line; "well, if he's born on such-n-such date then he'll share a birthday with my brother... or my friends' neighbor's son....or that was my due date for my 3rd child or..." you get the idea.  I've been guilty of the very same thing <wink>.

But what made this particular date that God had already chosen for Titus to bless us with his presence a tad bit more memorable was that it was also the birthday of my Aunt Pam.  You see, we've never met her.  She was taken from this world at a young age.  Though these appointments seem like coincidences, I find them as reminders of God's sovereign reign and His concern for the little details in our lives. 

These types of celebrations in a family make the distance seem so much further sometimes. But I am so thankful for technology!!  Danny, the kids, and I got to seem him within a few minutes of his birth.  So that distance didn't seem as big when we can "sit" in the hospital room and chat with the rest of the family as if we were physically sitting there with all of them. 

Matt (my bro) and Sherina are wonderful parents (of course!).  We are so happy for them as they begin this fun, life altering, challenging, joyful season of life called.... parenting!  Looking forward to meeting this cutie next year!  We love you {Uncle} Matt, {Auntie} Reena, and {cousin} Titus!!!!!

Because I am so behind on this blog.... here are some more updated snapshots of the cutie-pa-tutie and his parents!  He is 5 months old now!

A very proud Aunt,
{ Krista }

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