Friday, January 06, 2012

Choosing an Email Address

Being that Krista and I spend a lot of time on the computer, Nathan has an increasingly growing interest in how computers and the internet work. We are able to watch movies on the computer, listen to music, video chat with family and friends and do much more. In a recent conversation with him I explained how email works. I told him that you need to pick a name for your email address and then you can use that to send and receive messages.

This is something that has apparently been occupying his thoughts as of late. Just before Christmas break I was bringing the boys home from school in the car.

Out of nowhere Nathan says, "Hey dad, I thought of an address for me."

I wasn't sure what he was talking about so I asked him to explain what he meant.

He said, "You know, so I can write to people on the computer."

I said, "Oh! What did you pick?"

His reply, "" (His intials)

I told him that was already taken. He said he would just pick for (".de" being the TLD of Germany, which he obviously learned from watching TV).


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